I want to help you understand technical concepts and other people.

I am Irina Kats. I am passionate about bringing about understanding.

I have been a lifelong learner. In my youth I learned to be a translator because I wanted to help people understand themselves and other people. I also translated texts that helped people learn new things. And I helped dozens of translators understand how to translate.

I spent thousands of hours on learning various subjects. Some of the things I’ve learned on my own are the English language, translations, proofreading, design, typesetting, editing, organizing, time management, leadership, guidance, writing, communicating, etc. I also learned software development and the relevant tools and programming languages. I successfully applied each of the things I learned. And importantly, I was always learning with the purpose to use the skills to improve the understanding of people and between people.

The best summary of my learning strategies and best practices is in a post about improving understanding.

This website explains in simple words how you can learn to learn. It also explains technical terms and ideas in simple words to help you understand them better. This website is for you so that you can Learn Technical Concepts Well!

Understanding can be increased step by step.